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My name is Agnieszka Prucia

I have started my adventure with ceramics in March 2012. Since then, instead of rolling out the dough on buckwheat dumplings, I'm rolling out the clay. I am fascinated by its greyish colour, which hides the promise of a bright light. Soft clay changes into the stone at about 1000 degrees and after further treatment claims to be a riot of colours. Plant twigs and dried leaves leave their shape in clay forever. Houses in which good spirits live with cats basking on the porch. Clay ready to change, regardless of water, air and fire - introduces a change in your life.

Move - if you need it,
peace - if you miss it!
Try it!

Wondering how to get started? Start from the idea. From the small form. Boldly - with joy and curiosity. Determination, patience, imagination and hope-that finally we will draw from the kiln a proof of our artistic sensibility. The main thing is not to alienate -every new project will get you closer to our vision :)

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Misiura design is artistic ceramics with soul and good energy. Unique works arise from the need of beauty, the love of nature and a longing for visited, distant lands. Hand made, made with passion and patience, with warm thoughts for new owners. Individual orders - for a gift, on a good day, or to make this good day even better. For whom? For you, for me, for sensitive people who represent a high sense of not only aesthetic, but also humour.

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