Did you see GALLERY of my work? Did you like it? Or maybe you did not find among them what you were looking for, because you care for a personalized gift according to your idea? I have good news: it's just a part of my work. If you want to buy one of them, I invite you to the shop. If you do not find in the store what you were looking for, call or write to me.

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Misiura design is artistic ceramics with soul and good energy. Unique works arise from the need of beauty, the love of nature and a longing for visited, distant lands. Hand made, made with passion and patience, with warm thoughts for new owners. Individual orders - for a gift, on a good day, or to make this good day even better. For whom? For you, for me, for sensitive people who represent a high sense of not only aesthetic, but also humour.

MISIURA DESIGN - Agnieszka Prucia / Będzin / tel: 602 248 338 / mail:


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I like to get e-mails. I answer them as quickly as possible. Write or call me and see for yourself

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